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resolution that calls on israelis and palestinians to work it out. president clinton, george w. bush and obama have all refused. in the 2008 campaign, mr. obama declared his support for jerusalem as the israeli capital, but didn't preclude negotiations. romney himself has declined to criticize the president while abroad, but he unloaded on him earlier this week. >> president obama is fond of lecturing israel's leaders. he was even caught by a microphone deriding them. >> some saw the timing of the ceremony, a day before romney travels to israel, as an efforts to upstage him. democrats denied him. >> that's not true at all because it's john boehner and eric cantor who set the time frame for this. >> polls give the president a substantial lead over mitt romney among jewish voters, but not nearly as big as the lead he enjoyed over john mccain. the romney camp hopes just reducing the advantage will help change the outcome in november. brett? >> bret: wendell goler, thank you. the opening ceremony for the summer olympics is going on right now in london. more than 10,000 athletes from 200
last three presidents would be mitt romney, barack obama and george w. bush, three men who personally have very little love for politics, very little love for the sport of it all, very little love or understanding of the grand sweep of history, unlike say a bill clinton or a ronald reagan or an fdr. there just doesn't seem to be the joy in these guys either on the campaign trail or when they're governing. they seem to be -- well, at least the two that are running this time technocrats. >> they're competitive without being cheerful. i any what mark just said is exactly right, that politicians get in trouble when they act as though they're pundits or color commentators. you think about obama -- wandered into the truth but that editorial meeting in washington state in 2008 when he said reagan was transformative but clinton wasn't. >> nevada. >> reno. >> however true that might be, it was the wrong way to say it. >> you can't say it as a presidential candidate. >> the thing that really struck me about looking at romney in london was his lack of agility. it was this incredibly stiff presen
of distinguished responsibilities in both the reagan and george h. w. bush, and george w. bush administrations, first as special assistant to the president and deputy to the chief of staff, and in the white house as assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs. his many diplomatic posts have included ambassador to the united nations offices in geneva, system secretary of state for international organization affairs, and most recently, as president george w. bush's special envoy to sudan. he is also a longtime member and i think now vice chairman of the board of directors of the international republican institute. so, we are very glad to welcome both rich and michele to this podium. brookings prides itself on being a nonpartisan think-tank and it is in that context that we are hosting this event today. our moderator is a guest scholar at brookings and former chief diplomatic correspondent for cbs and nbc news, former anchor of the nbc "meet the press" program, and also most recently of the haunting legacy. marvin kalb and it's my pleasure to hand over the podium to you, marvin, to c
? >> reporter: 20 years ago, incumbent president george h.w. bush apologized after referring to the clinton-gore ticket as the two bozos. he told me he was conjuring the voice of democrats who don't take romney serious enough and added he regards romney as formidable candidate. >> john: there was an unusual fundraising pitch by the president today. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: he was aboard air force one friday night returning to the capital. he used a special phone that the campaign pays for to speak to group of prior donors. the truth is that the early money is more valuable than late money the president told the donors. it's fair to say if we wait to the last minute we could be in for a rude surprise. "i have gray hair," he added. "people are disappointed because they had a vision of change happening immediately and turns out it's hard." one of the callers recorded the conversation. >> john: we are hearing about travel arrangements for romney? >> he was slated to attend the summer olympics in london. we have confirmed that he plans to visit israel this summer for the sec
be like george w. bush having only been up 6 points in alabama over john kerry in 2004. that is too close. if you're an incumbent president and democrat you need to be killing in michigan, it needs to be a total wipe out for you. you should not have to ror reabout spending resources there. in the i70 and north corridor going out from pennsylvania all the way out to iowa up into wisconsin, michigan, those states he's got big problems. democrats had huge problems there in 2010 and president obama has the worst numbers among white working class voters who are maybe as much as 40% of the election threa electorate since walter mondale. megyn: if bill clinton were running they'd say, there i my guy. i love bill clinton, the boy from hope. if they don't connect with president obama is bill clinton getting up there andt me, he's o it? >> i tell you what he's going to say. he's pretty good, he's not as good as i was, but he's pretty good, he's pretty good. megyn: there is risk of that with president clinton, there is very real risk of that. >> that's what he does. you remember in the springtime wh
possible by the chief justice john roberts appointed by george w. bush, and believed up until recently to be a conservative. there's a fascinating piece by cbs news sort of unwinding how this came to be in it. in it, i'm quoting now, roberts pays attention to media coverage. he's sensitive to how the court is perceived by the public. do you think it's possible that after reading weeks of "new york times" editorials attacking him preemptively for ruling against obamacare, chief justice roberts decided to rule it constitutional? >> i think that's possible, tucker. i don't know the guy. it certainly is possible. but, you know, i look at that decision, and as much as i hate it with every fiber of my being, because it's an immoral, horrible, euthanasia law. i believe fundamentally when he said i'm affirming the individual mandate, he gave us each of us an individual mandate to defeat barack obama, retake the senate, and repeal this law. he basically said, i'm not going to do your job for you. go out in the streets, win this election, do it like we do it in a democracy, and then you repeal t
president george w. bush and first lady laura bush starting off the second day in zambia at church. they went right to work after the service painting the inside of the health center they're renovating, the center will diagnose and treat women for cervical cancer and coffee to fight skin cancer? a study by researchers at brigham and women's hospital found out of 113,000 people, those who drank three or more cups a day had a 20% lower risk of the most common type of skin cancer. they believe that caffeine might kill off damaged skin cells. brian? >> all right, lie about being a police officer? you probably are going to go to jail. but lie about being a soldier? and the supreme court says that's ok. that's just free speech. so what about the soldiers who fight for our country think about that? joing is one of those guys who serves in the u.s. army national guard. so pete, it's ok for people to say i was in the army. i had two or three tours. i missed a few i.e.d.'s by a millimeter and that's now ok, correct? >> well, it's never ok and you talk to any vet across the board and when t
obama is to blame. 23% say congress. 20% say wall street. and only 18% say george w. bush which is interesting because it was about a year ago when george bush and the president, current president are neck and neck. 66% of those who responded said that they believe the lousy jobs growth and slow recovery is a result of bad policy and the big question is whose policy? as you can see right there, a plurality say it's the current president. >> gallup does say the president's approval rating is approved for the third straight time but still under 50%. it's like 46.8% and more important, the question we have to you is do you commute in the same direction with your spouse? >> and is that a good idea? and is your marriage better off? do you have a better chance of surviving if you actually car pool together? i've been trying for years to get my husband to leave the house at the ungodly hour that i do. >> keep shake him. >> i would to spend so much more time together with him to talk about those little tasks that we have to get done at the house. he keeps saying, you know, i'd rather
since 1988 when george h.w. bush carried it that year. look, we see the likes of joe biden now spending a lot of time in pennsylvania. let's not forget, go back to 2008, wolf, when president obama back in 2008 said that very ill-fated phrase. he said people are clinging to their guns and their religion. that is something that will not play very well in pennsylvania. but also in pennsylvania it also shows that in fact when you look at these numbers right here as far as television advertising right now, we've seen barack obama is spending money right now. more than $3 million right now, wolf, he is spending on tv advertising so far to carry his message. >> yeah. he doesn't want to take any chances. by the way, he said those less than artful words out in san francisco. >> he did. but it carried back. >> everybody heard it immediately all over the place. thanks very much. >>> take a look at this. we have some live pictures of the president of the united states in sandusky, ohio. there he is at the top of your screen in the middle there. he's shaking hands, meeting with folks. the president
george h. w. bush sent a monthly newsletters -- they are not monthly. he offered them and all but one turned them down. a lot of people that used to be president wants get away a little bit. they've had enough of that secure world stuff. and i gave them up -- about life that life up for something better and different. .. >> we are about out of time. just on behalf of everyone here, the reagan library and the foundation, mike and nancy, i just want to say thank you so much for coming, it was just fascinating. we're so happy that you're here. >> thank you. ms. . [applause] >> you're watching booktv on c-span2, 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books every weekend. congressional scholars thomas mann and norman ornstein examine partisan politics in the u.s. government. they contend the level of hyperpartisanship has resulted in a disfunctional political process that's marked by adherence to political party platforms above all else. this is about an hour and a half. >> i think we are, um, i think we're ready to begin. um, i'm e.j. dionne, senior fellow here at brookings. i moderat
american heroes as honorary co-chairman of his veterans coalition. former president george h.w. bush and former candidate bob dole leading the group called veterans and military families for romney. romney says the vets and their families sacrificed so much for our country and if elected president, he will always remember to honor their service and give them the opportunities and care that they deserve. polls show romney with a strong lead over president obama with military voters. >> and he's seen his votes shrink a lot since primary night and there are claims of voter suppression but democrat charlie rangel attacking his opponent for challenging the primary results. >> you can't just call people crooks and saying that they're committing illegal acts. don't knock the system. it's all that we have. >> new york state senator adriano espaillat calling for a recount. he hasn't officially asked for a new election yet but is preserving that option in court. >> all right, alec baldwin's dance with the idea of running for mayor of new york city may not be through. that's according to hi
's right. but george w. bush should have gone in his first term too and he did not. he's making the mistake his predecessor made. it's a valid criticism. the president of either party needs to go to israel, support israel. >> there's pictures when he was there in 2008 as a candidate. but as president, mary, he went to egypt, turkey, a whole bunch of other countries. >> but bush was not anti-israel even though he didn't go his first term. president obama has been very strongly supportive of israel as president and he will be if and when he gets a second term. that's the most important. >> that's not the reflection or the opinion of those who know the most about israel. they do not think he's been strong on israel. and i'd like to remind everybody what's happening in the first term -- >> i will say as someone who studied the u.s.-israeli relationship for a long, long time on a military to military relationship to intelligence is very strong right now between the united states and israel. there may be some personal irritation between netanyahu and president obama, but on a substantiative issue
out in 2000 and 2004, i think george w. bush in 2000, would -- early in the campaign it seems to me, i remember him going to one inner city stop after another inner city stop and we were all scratching our heads why are they doing it, they weren't doing it to win votes in the inner city, they were doing it to win votes in the philadelphia suburbs. >> because in the philadelphia suburbs they like a compassionate conservative which mitt romney has proved he's not this campaign. >> has he proven that? >> those primaries, i -- i think did it. but on the theory that 90% of life is showing up, it was a good thing to go. a good thing he went. he had the opportunity to show the nonindependent voter that he wasn't going to go all wobbly. the people he's still going to protect are people like him. and he -- right there in the lion's den he said i'm not going to protect you. >> jon meacham, you talked about historical trends, we both talked about how this duopoly of parties that's been around for 150 years is sure to crack, for a lot of younger americans it may be hard to believe, but african-ame
george w. bush, also served as the u.s. trade rep, served in the house of representatives as well. knows his way around washington. i think he would be a great asset for governor romney. >> greta: thanks you. >> thank you. >> governor mitt romney's world tour. how is he doing on the world stage? john bolton goes "on the record" next. karl rove is here. president obama and governor romney are running neck and neck. what will be more important isn't candidate's likeability or the ability to manage the economy? that's a tough question. karl rove answers that and much more. and it's the story of the three bears that you have never seen. what happened to these cubs? and how did they get out of a big jam? it's all caught on camera. [ femr kids are getting a dependable clean in the bathroom? [ gasps ] think again. try charmin ultra strong for a clean with few pieces left behind. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. charmin ultra strong. every communications provider is different but centurylink is committe
years later, president clinton won re-election with 5.5% average. in 2004, republican george w. bush won re-election with 5 5.7%. president obama six-month unemployment rate average this year is at 8.2%. higher than any of the predecessors in 30 years. >>> construction employment, a major part of the economy stalled out in june. however, as chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel explains there is a lot more to the troubling numbers. >> president obama signed the $105 billion transportation package in to law late today. funding construction jobs. he said would otherwise be lost. >> this bill will keep thousands of construction workers on the job, rebuilding our nation's infrastructure. >> the legislation will fund road and transit project through the end of fiscal 2014. allowing state transportation departments to go forward with major infrastructure projects. though an industry economist says it may only stop job losses. >> you are not going to see immediate jump in highway employment. at least firms may hang on to workers whom otherwise they would have had to lay off. >> constru
. when you reduce taxes, as john f. kennedy did, as ronald reagan did, as george w. bush did, and in fact, the bush tax cuts resulted in a 13% increase in revenue. the president knew that. he said that if you keep money in the private sector, it is not the government put the money, it is the people's money. if people keep the money, they could invest, hire more people. i believe tax cuts clearly create jobs, which then increases revenue and the bush tax cuts prove that point. i would be happy to get that information to you. do not hesitate to contact my office a i am telling the truth. host: barbara. south dakota. independent line. caller: good was just curious, e elected as a representative, senator, or congressman, i understand you are part of either the democratic or republican party, but once you are elected, is it not your duty to represent both parties, the democratic and republican, because you are our elected official? is it not your responsibility to look at both sides and take the best pieces from both sides and decide what is went to work best for the people that live in this c
president. i wasn't rooting for george w. bush to fail because i knew america would fail if george w. bush would fail. republican congress doesn't have the attitude. that's why we're left with the mess today. >> when you talk about priming the pump most americans said we'll give the president and his approach in terms of this massive keynesian infusion of government money into the economy let's try that. obviously has not worked when you talk about getting economy going again it is about unleashing private sector. when they passed this nearly trillion dollar stimulus president obama and his economic team promised this point, 3 1/2 years into hi tenure after the stimulus unemployment would be 5.6%. here we are at 8.2. number is going in right direction. >> said it would be 8%. missed about .2 percentage points. >> millions ever people are still out of work. >> a lot better than it was when obama came in. under bush we had job growth go down. under obama we had job growth two down. >> blame bush again. >> i'm not blaming bush. when you get into the mess that bush got us into takes more than
? >> former president george h.w. bush and barbara won't be attending the convention in tampa next month. the 88-year-old former president uses a wheelchair due to disease limiting his mobility. he attended every convention since 1980 when he was tapped to be ronald reagan's running mate. >>> torrential rains are hammering parts of china, toppling thousands of homes, reportedly killing at least 8. they managed to relocate 3,000 residents in one province. more teams are coming to help. >>> next week, summer olympic games in london bring challenges for athletes competing, especially for this woman who not only is the first female shooter to represent mal asia, she will be eight months pregnant when she does it. "the new york times" reports she had a few physical problems in training. she is just hoping, though, that the baby doesn't kick as she's pulling the trigger. >> all right, thank you. >>> happening now, the ugly truth behind the newest and nastiest presidential campaign ads. >>> more than half the u.s. wilting from the worst drought in years. >>> and we talk to the man with an amazi
same tax cuts that were a big part of the presidential race 12 years ago when george w. bush tting vice president, algainst a gore. back in the good old days of the year 2000 race the u.s. treasury was bringing in an annual surplus, revenues, mostly taxes were about 2 trillion bucks. uncle sam was spending 1.8 trillion leaving $2 trillion left over. governor bush was calling for tax cuts to give the surplus back to the american people. vice presidental gore said he wanted to keep the money in a lockbox to pay for entitlements in the future. as you know george w. bush won that election and the argument. he signed into law the tax cuts that now bear his name in 2001 creating six tax brackets with a top marginal rate of 35%. they didn't provide relief only to the rich. the lowest tax bracket dropped from 15% to 10%. just three months later the deadliest attack ever on u.s. soil sent the nation's economy reeling. wall street shut down, financial markets in a tailspin. president bush called for another round of tax cuts to jump start the economy. in 2003 president bush signed the jobs and gr
of help because of her being in george w. bush's cabinet. it wouldn't be as horrific as when mccain won palin. i think mccain lost that election because palin was on the ticket. and gary writes condoleezza rice would be a huge boost for the romney ticket. the woman smart, experienced and likable on top of the obvious democratic advantages. that being said, she knows better than to accept the job. if you want to read more on this subject, go to, or to our post on "the situation room's" face book page. >> jack, thank you. everybody remembers former democratic congressman anthony weiner. he resigned in disgrace because of a sex scandal. he may be thinking seriously of trying for a political comeback. >> today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> that is the last public image of anthony weiner as a congressman as he stepped down in disgrace. now he's reportedly considering a run for mayor in new york. before his doufl he was considered shoe in for the position. >> obviously someone got access to my account. that's bad. they sent a picture that makes fun of th
a baby. [ male announcer ] "the campaign." >>> so what do former president george w. bush and president barack obama have in common? well, they both won the same nine battleground states on the way to the white house. former president bush did it in 2004 and of course president obama in 2008. today, we're going to take a look at those nine battleground states. but let's start with a quick refresher. back in 2004, show you the maps of how bush beat kerry. here you go, as you can see. almost all red except on the coasts, near the great lakes. basically, if your state touched water, you voted for kerry, except if you touched southern warm water. here was the obama map. if you will, this, of course, took -- made a lot of those red states blue, went down farther, the mid-atlantic seaboard and showed that, yes, even the southern waters with was warm to the democratic party in the blue, if you will. so we're going to start with, what about those states that went obama and bush and show you what it looks like if the kerry states stay in the democratic column and go from there. let me take you t
to president george w. bush. used to be his budget director. pawlenty's risk is attack on romney. and bobby jindal's is faith-based extremism in the fact that he's written about spiritual warfare among other things. ted frank is not working with the romney campaign but what issues did he say he would look for if he were doing the vetting process? >> that's the kind of stuff you look at. the purpose of the vetting process, part of it is to uncover any skeletons. you're doing it so you have a full plate of information so you can sort of be ready to respond to the inevitable attacks. anything you find your opponent will find so in the case of bobby yin dal he wrote this article once. if romney were to pick jindal he wants to have jindal prepared to answer those questions. same thing with pawlenty. there are videos of pawlenty saying negative things about romney. romney campaign wants to know every one of those videos, what they are so when the dnc releases one of them they will have a response ready. it's a question of being fully able to respond toni attack likely to come down the road. >> ja
in the state. go back to '04, john kerry carried it barely when george w. bush was carrying it in 2000. one other key place to watch look at '08, there are many swing counties but look at this blue. cincinnati. president obama carried hamilton county. for republicans to win statewide in a close election, watch that county down there. i'll give you a highlight for it. for republicans to win in a close statewide election, they need cincinnati. that's president bush in '04. that's president bush in 2000. even in '96 bob dole won down there. you're going to see a lot of the romney campaign in the cincinnati area. they know how important it is. >> when you point out in the beginning as you accurately do, no republican has won the white house in modern times without carrying ohio. let me ask you this question, i guess it's three retically possible, but is it likely that romney could win the race for the white house even without ohio? >> that is what i'll call the big yeah, but, question in american politics. can he? yes, can he realistically? most likely no. let me show you why. map as we see it
on the bailouts, a lot of the same things with detroit, he just would have. you know why? because george w. bush -- >> did a lot -- >> basically did the same things. he wouldn't have gone forward -- actually, he may have gone forward to health care because the "usa today" op-ed in 2009 told barack obama you need to have an vidindividual mandate. >> there's not a big difference between these two guys. for my republican friends that get mad when i say that, go look at his record. it's right there. he's not a conservative. >> look, i mean how he governed in massachusetts. the health care law was the predecessor for obama care, right? romney came in, inherited a bad economic situation, talked about how he had to turn it around which is what obama is doing. he raised fees rather than taxes. obama has not raised taxes yet. i mean there's a lot of actual parallels between how mitt romney operated in massachusetts and obama operates. i'm not saying they're the same people. they have a different perspective on government. >> and different world view. i think one of the important things about this speech
knows a lot about polls and politics and the george w. bush administration, that man, karl rove. good morning to you. >> good morning. how is everybody? >> we're ok. mitt romney as we wake up is over in london. explain the strategy of mitt romney going over to the london olympics and is this part of a sttegy? i mean, a lot of people don't know he was involved in the -- >> yeah, it gives a chance for the campaign to highlight the fact that he was called to rescue the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake in the midst of a horrible bout of mismanagement and corruption and about ready to collapse and he was asked to come in by the host committee and save it. so this gives him a chance to sort of highlight his public service having left his career at bain in order to take a leave of absence to run the olympics. >> is the down side or the risk, i should say, that when he goes on this international tour, that he will have to spell out with more detail his foreign policy positions which he hasn't done yet? >> this is a welcome opportunity to do so. first of all, it puts him on a big stage. we
's "free of politics". in the past, president obama, former president george w. bush have both spoken at the event. >> meanwhile, we've got a warning for women this morning. eating chicken can give you some sort of a super bug that's nearly impossible to treat. listen to this. researchers say a strain of e-coli found in chickens fed antibiotics is the reason women get painful bladder infections every year. chicken. >> we've had these infections since the time of the ancient greeks but it's only since the 20th century we've had the antibiotics to treat them with. it's miraculous. we can get rid of the things now. used to be you didn't know what to do. used an ointment or took water or cranberry juice and now we've these antibiotics but they are becoming less and less and less effective because we're using them too much! >> that's why they call them super bugs. the f.d.a. says 80% of all the antibiotics sold in the united states is fed to livestock to prevent them from disease in the barnyard. >> global warming, yes, but patriotism, no? the nebraska board of education coming under fire
to house republicans. former president george w. bush is making it perfectly clear he has no interest in joining the public discourse. in a recent interview with the hoover institution, bush talked about his role as a former president and why he is staying out of the public eye. >> i think it's bad for the presidency to have former presidents bloviating, opining or telling people how it ought to be done. eight years was awesome and i was famous and i was powerful and -- but i have -- i have no desire for fame and power anymore. i -- i don't want to undermine our president whoever is president, and a former president can do that. i think it's bad for the presidency itself. either you're in or out of politics and i've chosen to be out. you can't be halfway. given the environment with the blogs and this that and the other. i told -- pretty unattractive metaphor, i crawled out of the swamp. i'm not crawling back in. and, you know, i'm interested in politics. i'm a supporter of mitt romney. i hope he does well. but, you know, he can do well without me. >> the former president says he spend
secretary of health care and human services under president george w. bush, thanks for being with us. >> good to see you. now for the rest of today's headlines, another u.s. drone strike is reportedly killed. eight suspected militants in pakistan, this happened near the afghan border earlier this morning, pakistani mornings-- southern drawl is coming out. pakistani officials say they struck a house, top officials were believed to be. tragedy in wyoming, three boy scouts, scout master and toddler after a head on collision. this is authority of thermopolis. is that the way you say that. the car they were travelling in veered into on joming traffic, a three-year-old inside that motor home was killed, four others injured. no word what cause that had accident. and former israeli prime minister shamir passed away, his family killed in the who will cot, known as a fighter in the jewish movement before he was prime minister in 1983. he served in office and massive airlift of ethiopians. and he won favor from the the u.s. for not attacking iraq. he was 96 years old. brand new video out of ka
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